Corporate social responsibilty

We actively take responsibility for our employees, the environment and society.



Every day we prove anew that economic and fair working conditions are possible in Germany:

In our plastics production we employ men and women from different cultures and want to meet their needs and abilities. That is why our employees receive language training free of charge and support them in developing their potential so that they can contribute optimally to ikusto GmbH.



  • Energetic concept in our new building

Since environmental protection and sustainability have the highest priority for ikusto GmbH, an energetic concept was implemented for the construction of the production hall in 2017:

With the installation of a combined heat and power unit and a photovoltaic system, the electricity for the injection moulding machines is generated by the company itself. The waste heat generated during the injection moulding process is used to heat the buildings for assembly, storage and the office. In addition, the combined heat and power unit generates heat, which is converted by modern absorption technology to cool the injection moulding machines, so that a continuous 15° water cooling circuit is created, which guarantees a stable production process. 

This concept contributes significantly to the reduction of energy consumption. In this way, we make a significant contribution to covering our own energy requirements more gently and thus actively accept the challenges of the energy transition.

  • Plastic waste - microplastic - sustainability

About 75 percent of the up to ten million tons of garbage that is flushed into the oceans every year is made of plastic. According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), up to 18,000 plastic parts of all sizes are drifting on every square kilometer of the sea surface. Plastic is almost imperishable in the sea, it is only slowly decomposed by salt water and sun and gradually releases smaller fragments to the environment.

Plastic has become an integral part of our world today. Worldwide plastic production has tripled in the past 25 years to 300 million tons per year. However, plastic also causes serious environmental problems, especially in the sea. Even in waste management supposedly highly developed countries like Germany, large amounts of plastic waste are found in nature again. How can we achieve more sustainability?

Sustainability defines everyone differently. The new Packaging Act, which came into force in January 2019 in Germany, creates a clear framework for trade and industry. The objective is the responsible handling of the raw material during manufacture, during use and above all in the after-use phase. The bad image of the plastic packaging is not the plastic itself, but the wrong way to handle it.

The ikusto GmbH will make a not insignificant contribution to more sustainability, with a first project in which we produce caps for a lip balm for a well-known cosmetics manufacturer from (cellulose-based) bioplastic. This material is a raw material that can be processed like plastic, made from bio-based components and compostable.



The message of ikusto GmbH "Competence and Creativity in Plastics - Made in Germany" includes the development and production of plastic articles in Germany. Despite high occupational safety requirements and higher hourly wages than in low-wage countries, we are able to produce competitively with 45 employees. Our social responsibility is just as important to us as our economic goals for a future-oriented company. We are also involved in promoting young, innovative companies, such as Pazls (, in order to create opportunities and potential in our region.


training and further education of our employees training and further education of our employees
modern combined heat and power plant modern combined heat and power plant