Injection molding

Injection moulding of technical plastic parts

On 23 Demag, Battenfeld and KraussMaffei injection moulding machines, with a closing force of 35 to 300 tons and a granulate supply with pre-drying, we produce plastic articles from almost all available thermoplastics and elastomers from a few grams to 1 kg.

Our machines can be equipped with complex injection moulds, such as hydraulic core pulls.

Except for PVC, the range of plastic granulates includes ABS, ASA, PAx, PE, POM, PP, PS, SAN, TPE, high-temperature thermoplastics and glass-fibre reinforced plastics for special components. Inserts made of steel, zinc die-cast or aluminum can be overmoulded in a special process and in the field of multi-component injection moulding we have experience in the 2-component segment 

Depending on the application area of your product, we can produce drinking water qualities according to KTW and, with the help of colour batches, make individual colour settings possible even for small series. The additives are fed directly to the machine via colour dosing units in accordance with the existing recipe. The implementation of flame-retardant or self-extinguishing material properties (UL-listed) can also be realized. 

In addition to the material properties, we are able to print the injection moulded parts using the hot stamping process.