Company profile


  • Founded in 1975
  • 2017 Extension by a 1.200 m² production hall with office an a technical room and a technical room
  • Business location Lechfeld, transport connections:  B17 / A8 / A96
  • Total area of premises: 9.800 m²
  • Production area: 3.450 m²
  • Family-run business Robert Frank (Technical Mgmt.), Petra Frank-Haisch (Commercial Mgmt.)
  • Modern machinery with 23 fully automated injection molding machines


ikusto GmbH was founded in 1975. The co-founder at that time, Theo Frank, passed away in 1999. His expertise in the area of plastics processing, dated back to 1954, and was the pillar of foundation for ikusto GmbH. When Theo and Maria Frank took over the company in 1983, ikusto GmbH became a family-run business, which then changed hands in 1999 to the current managing directors, Petra Frank-Haisch and Robert Frank.


ikusto GmbH works in 3-shift operation and has specialised in the processing of thermoplastic materials. Through continuous investment in an innovative machine park, we are well equipped for the increasing digitalisation in industry and thus also in injection moulding technology The affiliated tool design enables the construction of smaller injection moulds and perfect tool maintenance. Continuous improvement of production processes ensures the competitiveness of our location.

CEOs: Petra Frank-Haisch and Robert Frank Petra Frank-Haisch and Robert Frank
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